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Joseph Lee has been in the property industry since June 1994. He started as a full time Associate Realtor after receiving an intensive in-house training from the Company. His many years in Sales and Marketing experience have helped him to provide Sincere, Honest and Quality service to many happy and satisfied customers.

Joseph Lee's Qualifications

  • He has passed his CEHA Equivalent in 1995 (Common Examination for Housing Agents)
  • He is a member of "Institute of Estate Agents" (IEA) till 31/12/2010
  • He has passed his NSRS- Individual Competency Certificate in 2003 (National Skills Recognition System) by Spring Singapore with the support of Ministry of Manpower (MOM) & Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI).
  • He is also a CEA Certified Agent- Reg Nos: R023167G (Council for Estate Agencies- CEA) (01/01/2011)

Joseph Lee's winning strategy is built on three basic tenets of providing Reliability, Professionalism and Excellence in Service. His track record shows that many people who have engaged his service become repeat customers forming a loyal and fast-expanding customer base.

Joseph Lee's Achievements 1994 to 2015

2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015 (consecutive 6 years) Top Team Leader

2015 Top 17 Producer

2014 Top 2 Producer

2013 Top 10 Producer

2012 Top 9 Producer

2011 Top 7 Producer

2010 Top 4 Producer

2009 Top 13 Producer

2008 Multi-Million dollar Producer Club

2007 Top 6 Producer

2006 Top 7 Producer

2005 No. 1 HDB Sales Producer

2005 Top 6 Producer

2004 No. 1 HDB Sales Producer

2004 Top 5 Producer

2003 IEA Agent Award Platinum Medal

2003 10 Year Super Star Award

2003 Top 3 Producer

2002 Top 6 Producer

2001 Top 10 Producer

2000 Top 9 Producer

1999 Top 5 Producer

1998 5 Year Super Star Award

1997 Top 7 Producer

1996 Top 8 Producer

1995 Top 10 Producer

1994 Golden Award


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杰出销售奖 - 2

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杰出销售奖 - 7

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Joseph Lee's Team Monthly Training Testimonies

  • Thank you boss for making this possible. I've learnt much. Most importantly, everyone has benefited with awesome sharing. I?m looking forward for more of these motivating sessions. Yes boss, it's very inspiring. Let the inspirations spur us to greater heights! together as a TEAM. Thanks - Wilson Tan
  • Hi Joe, many thanks for being a committed, caring and teaching leader! U r in the league of that few good men that I have personally experienced. I'm very confident that with you, I will soar higher than before. Thanks for having me in your team and for bring out the best in me. Appreciate you always -Wendy Ng

  • Hi Joseph, u did it again. Attending your meeting help to refuel energy so as to move that one more step to success. Thank you and everyone that was present in last evening for sharing their experience and personal feelings. This is a great team and good support. Yes!!! Excel and reach for our goals! - Ronald Ng

  • Hi boss, it was my 1st attendance in our monthly team meeting but must say it was time well spent! Thanks for the sharing. As rookies, we need success stories from fellow team-mates to spur us and make us believe it can happen to you if you strive and learn more each passing day. Success is just at arm's length! - Serene Teo
  • Thank you Joseph for arranging tonight's session. I learned so much from you and the rest of the team members, the knowledge learned was immense. My motivation and drive is now charged to super high level. I hope my sharing experience benefitted my fellow team members. Overall, I enjoyed myself very much - Nazeer

  • Hi Joseph, Thanks for your power training today. I learned a lot from other agent's experience and their closing methods. I will sure benefit from this session. I love your Goal setting lesson which others lend me their listening ears. And I'm now focus on my dream goal and work on it. Please include me in your training session next month - Tan Chee How
  • The training was excellent. It provided an overview, a primer, 101 Real Estate Sales Guide for me, a newcomer on how to approach listings. It also enables us to understand real estate as a business and as a commitment. Overall I enjoyed the training tremendously and will attend any other training sessions by Joseph. Thank you -shifu- - Martha Lau

  • Joseph Lee is simply AWESOME!! 100% wholeheartedly committed to teach us. Fabulous Mentor and Humorous. Really look forward to the next training session with Joseph - Winston Koh
  • The in-house training is really important for new agent like me, someone who?s starting from ground zero. Basic topics were covered in details, which boost my confidence in doing the job. Thanks to Joseph! Otherwise I will be running around like a headless chicken! - John Ang
  • I feel very positive towards Joseph way of training. Feel motivated and look forward for more training. I also learn how to get started the right way with a well prepared note for the class. Thanks Joseph! I feel blessed joining you. God Bless You! - Meharoon Nisha
  • The training is effective even though it is a short session. It encourages us to believe in ourselves, work hard and smart. It offers a good methodology to jump start our career in real estate as well as offers tools for making our job better. Well done Joseph for inspiring us towards a better future in real estate sales! - Charles Ho
  • This training really motivated us as the trainer has shared a lot of his past experience on how to start up this business. He has highlighted what is most important to begin with the business. Very good presentation skills and constantly enhancing what we have gone through. Good Job! - Rosamund Tong
  • This is the first training and will be the first of many more to come. Property work is not a "lone ranger" work, he opened us to a powerful team and how a team of agents can perform better than one. Here is about sharing and learning. I will make it a point to attend every session that he will be holding. All the best and keep it going! - Joe Kua
  • Having been an agent for so long, it seems there is nothing new in what Joseph said, but in truth, everything is NEW! Joseph has a way of bringing out new truths and new insights! Thank you Joseph, looking forward to putting what I learn today immediately! - Moses Lim
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