Agent: Koh Lye Hock 98515444 CEA Reg No: R023054I

“He is extremely patient and professional. Very reliable. More protective over my property than i myself am.” Mr. Seto, Landlord, 18.08.18

Agent: Willy Tan 90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I

“He is trustworthy. A long time agent that we respect and value” Mr Mohammed, Seller, 01.08.18

Agent: Willy Tan 90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I

“He goes the extra mile to assist us in engaging someone to fix our air-conditioner. He is fast and prompt. Within a week, he has found the tenants and he knows the kind of profile we want! Very experienced and committed. Good job Willy!” Mr Ng and Ms Siah, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Christina Koo Lan Yi 81288283 CEA Reg No: R023380G

“Christina is a very tactful and experienced property agent. Very trustworthy.” Mr. Chia, Seller, 29.07.18

Agent: Willy Tan 90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I

“Willy is a very helpful and responsible agent!” Mr Tan, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Willy Tan 90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I

“Exceeds expectations in customer service. Follow up of after sale is second to none” Mr Yeow, Landlord, 25.06.18

Agent: Tina Chng 96718698 CEA Reg No: R023173A

“Tina is knowledgeable and proactive.” Ms. Chew, Landlord, 30.04.18

Agent: Florence Lim Hoon Hian 98170228 CEA Reg No: R023259B

“Florence is proactive and we are helped by her cheerful and responsible disposition.” Mr. Chin and Ms. Toh, Landlord, 27.02.18

Agent: Raymond Ang 98164022 CEA Reg No: R023394G

“He is extremely helpful and will go out of his way to source for contractors for repairs in our house. His willingness to help is the extra service for which we are very grateful. Keep it up!” Mr. Sivakumar and Ms. Ramachandra, Landlord, 28.02.18

Agent: Simon Tong 90261123 CEA Reg No: R023171E

“Excellent service and advise given to clients/ tenants/ landlord (as mentioned) and us! Thanks!.” Tenant, 2018

Agent: Egna Ling Kim Moy 94555202 CEA Reg No: R023518D

“I've been a landlord for more than 20 years. Egna is the best i've experienced. Totally reliable and selfless in giving her customers the best at all times.” Ms. Yong, Landlord, 01.03.18

Agent: Willy Tan 90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I

“He is professional and gives superb patient service! Keep up the great service and work!” Ms. Loh and Mr Tan, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Mark Sim Chew Meng 82826346 CEA Reg No: R042385A

“Mark is a very professional and reliable agent. We appreciate his help. Thank you, Mark.” Mr. Kwok and Ms. Koh, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Jenny Chen Chong Lee 91724778 CEA Reg No: R023201J

“She is an expert in her field, very professional in handling any issues. Highly recommended. Very satisfied with her service” Mr. Hengky, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Anthony Lee Nee Seng 92389390 CEA Reg No: R052674Z

“Anthony Lee is very efficient and effective in securing suitable tenants for my rental room units in a very swift manner. Minimizing vacancy directly translates to better yield for me. I have in turn recommended Anthony to various people who are prospective renters and landlords” Mr. Eng and Ms. Tang, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Raymond Khoo 90283201 CEA Reg No: R023428E

“He is hardworking and always reaches earlier than clients. Patient and respectful as well.” Landlord, 23.01.18

Agent: Alex Low Wai Leong 83225113 CEA Reg No: R018882H

“Alex Low is the best compared to those whom I have engaged for my house rental. Keep it up!” Ms. Musa, Landlord, 05.01.18

Agent: Ken Seah Bee Bee @ Seah Cheng Hock 91081967 CEA Reg No: R023404H

“He is very knowledgeable in his field, and very thorough which makes the process very smooth. There is also clear communication with landlord and his agent.” Mr. Keshan, Tenant, 2018

Agent: Lee Han Sing 81128002 CEA Reg No: R023336Z

“Mr Lee is not new to me. I know him very well, he is very helpful and understanding. For me, Mr Lee is always the best agent. Double thumbs up!” Mr. Shaimi, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Geraldine Tan Jee Fang 96310257 CEA Reg No: R029176I

“Geraldine is super good and her negotiation skill and english is excellent” Mr. Cang, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Joyce Ho 90056112 CEA Reg No: R023383A

“Joyce is absolutely fantastic. Always goes the extra mile. Always helpful. Cannot recommend her highly enough.” Mr. Negline, 2018

Agent: Irene Low Mui Chng 98180063 CEA Reg No: R023050F

“Always hardworking and professional” Mr. Toh, Landlord, 2018

Agent: Willy Tan Toh Keng 90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I

“Willy has worked and helped me in few of my properties. My wife and I are very happy and grateful for his continuous efficiency and superb service! Simply professional and most important, patient and caring for the landlords and owners like us! Great work!” Ms. Low & Mr. Tan, Landlord, 27.12.17

Agent: Raymond Ang Kok Oon 98164022 CEA Reg No: R023394G

“Able to go beyond the call of duty in helping the landlord get the house in order. Very good after sales service!” Mr. Tam, Landlord, 26.12.17

Agent: Ann Tan 96728696 CEA Reg No: R002178H

“Very good service. Ann has been very helpful in all aspects” Ms Lin, Landlord, 6.12.17

Agent: Raymond Ang 98164022 CEA Reg No: R023394G

“He is very merticulous and hardworking; going way beyond what is expected of him. He is very trustworthy” Ms Soriano, Landlord, 5.12.17

Agent: Terence Lee 90256676 CEA Reg No: R023110C

“Terence is very reliable and gave us the confidence on his selling skill. He goes the extra mile to help to understand potential buyers' concerns” Ms Zhong, Seller, 27.11.17

Agent: Emily Ho  91873212 CEA Reg No: R023244D

“Emily was overall super responsive and very professional in all her work. She is someone I feel I can trust with her knowledge and to represent us in our housing needs.” Ms Tan, Tenant, 18.11.17

Agent: Lee HanSing 81128002 CEA Reg No: R023336Z

“Han Sing has been a great help with my property purchase and tenancy. A good "all rounder". Thank you so much!” Mr Lim, Landlord, 5.11.17

Agent: Egna Ling 94555202 CEA Reg No: R023518D

“Egna came highly recommended by two friends and she was indeed excellent. Should we need to move in the future we will definitely contact Egna again.” Ms Perera-Schulz, Landlord, 2.11.17

Agent: Andy Choo 91820202 CEA Reg No: R010323G

“Andy was excellent and very professional as well as being friendly. He went out of his way to help with everything” Mr Huw, Tenant, 31.10.17

Agent: Anthony Lee 92389390 CEA Reg No: R052674Z

“Very responsible and reliable agent. We are pleased with his services and support in looking for good tenants.” Mr Chan, Landlord, 29.10.17

Agent: Josephine Teo 91055999 CEA Reg No: R023355F

“Very satisfied with Josephine's service. After we concluded the tenancy agreement we had to go overseas. Josephine helped us to ensure the unit was functional for handover to tenant. Excellent service” Mr. Ong, Landlord, 29.10.17

Agent: Koh Lye Hock 98515444 CEA Reg No: R023054I

“Mr. Koh always goes all the way to assist if need arises.” Mr Tay, Landlord, 28.10.17

Agent: Willy Tan 90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I

“He is very dedicated, patient and passionate in his work! He provides 101% service! I am glad he worked with me on my projects for the last 8 years. Thank you Willy!” Mr. Tan, Landlord, 27.10.17

Agent: Evelyn Tay 96363340 CEA Reg No: R023532Z

“Evelyn is a very helpful and caring person yet very professional. It is always a pleasure to work with Evelyn.” Umrani, Tenant, 1.10.17

Agent: Angela Han 94556626 CEA Reg No: R023049B

“Angela served me beyond her normal duties. I am a very satisfied customer who will highly recommend my friends who are keen to sell or buy homes.” Ms Chu, Seller, 14.9.17

Agent: Florence Lim 98170228 CEA Reg No: R023259B

“She did a really good job. Prepared all the required documents and the process went smoothly. And she was kind enough to show me around the place since we are new to Singapore. I would highly recommend her to anyone .” Tennakoon, Tenant, 31.7.17

Agent: Pauline Heam 93891308 CEA Reg No: R023554J

“Overall very trustworthy, more than helpful and dependable. C&H is fortunate to have such a good associate.” Ms Toh, Seller, 31.7.17

Agent: Daniel Ling 90096605 CEA Reg No: R023232J

“Daniel was very pleasant and helpful throughout my long search for a house. He was knowledgeable, professional and dedicated. Best agent I know after 5 years of house hunting.” Mr Lee, Buyer, 28.7.17

Agent: Gregory Goh 91241524 CEA Reg No: R004172Z

“Hardworking and on the go. Keeps us informed of the regulations of HDB rules and market prices” Ms Hoe, Seller, 26.7.17

Agent: Irene Low 98180063 CEA Reg No: R023050F

“Irene is very customer oriented and efficient in services. Good agent.” Ms Low, Seller, 7.3.17

Agent: Alex Low 83225113 CEA Reg No: R018882H

“Alex is a very confident agent. He is very particular about details. Effective agent! Well done!.” Mr Lam, Landlord, 28.6.17

Agent : Francis Tan 
91447488 CEA Reg No: R023618J
"We know we can count on him each time our tenants move out and we have to look for new tenants. He will highlight to us even the slightest details." Teo, Landlord, 10.3.17
Agent : James Liang 
81262627 CEA Reg No: R023169C
"Responsive & understands the needs of landlord." Annabella, Landlord, 7.3.17
Agent : Willy Tan 
90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I
"Willy Tan was super helpful throughout my rental process, from my signing the lease to my leaving the apartment. He responded quickly to all of my questions, he gave clear answers, he provided helpful tips for my move-in, he quickly responded to some incidents I had during my stay, and he helped me smoothly terminate the lease. Willy is a very reliable and trustworthy representative. I was lucky to get to work with him. Thank you!" Nakano, Tenant, 7.3.17
Agent : Joseph Lee
96176688 CEA Reg No: R023167G
"He is superb professional in helping me to acquire the property. I look forward to working with Joseph for more future investments." Chang, Purchaser, 3.2.17 

Agent: Koh Lye Hock 98515444 CEA Reg No: R023054I

“Hardworking, diligent, reliable housing agent” Mr. Lim & Ms. Tan, Landlord, 17.11.17

Agent : Paul Lim 
90037483 CEA Reg No: R023568J
"Very helpful and hardworking. Often goes beyond his call of duty."
Amy, Landlord, 23.1.17
Agent : Freddy Choo 93671345 CEA Reg No: R023417Z
" Freddy Choo is a very responsible and dedicated agent. He will go out of the way to help his clients. " Landlord,29/7/2015
Agent : Joseph Lee 
96176688 CEA Reg No: R023167G
"I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for the professionalism, work ethic and commitment to excellence exemplified by Mr Joseph Lee... His empathetic and warm manner immediately put us at ease and we leased the property for a total of 18 months...Throughout our stay, he was always available to help with various problems in the flat... He was extremely responsive and resourceful... We could not be more pleased with his service. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for his help and commend him to you." 
 Drs Nathan & Chan, tenant,9.9.16

Agent: Alan Pang 82000093 CEA Reg No: R023620B

“Very responsive and able to provide good advice.”  Ms Pang, Landlord, 10.6.15

Agent : Ivy Chan 96262033 CEA Reg No: R023277J

“Excellent service, honest and caring.” Ms Cheng, Landlord, 17.6.15

 Agent : Freddy Choo 93671345 CEA Reg No: R023417Z 

“We had been hunting for our dream home for many months but to no avail until we met Mr Freddy choo. He is proactive and very informative. As a result we bought a penthouse through him due to his active engagement with us and good negotiation skill. Thank you.” Mr Hoo & Ms Tan, Purchaser, 29.7.15

Agent : Betty Liu 
94885436 CEA Reg No: R001183I
"We are very pleased with Betty's work. She is always ready to help, not only securing tenants for us, but also in all sorts of follow-up matters such as repairs, change of furniture and electrical appliances. Our tenants like her too. " Wong & Andrew, Landlord, 24.1.17
 Agent : David Tang 81570682 CEA Reg No: R002109E
“Best agent I find so far and responsive even after commission is paid.” Ms Tanoko, Landlord

 Agent: Josephine Teo 91055999 CEA Reg No: R023355F

“(She) has been helping us professionally for many years. We are very happy with her service.” Ms Koh, Landlord, 4.8.15

Agent : Helen Han 91005345 CEA Reg No: R023153G

“Helen has been very helpful and prompt when attending to our queries abd correspondences. She is an agent who is reliable and trustworthy. For the past 8 years that she has handled our unit, we have been very happy with her service. We have found that she has always gone the extra mile to serve us.” Ms Abdul Aziz and Mr Rasidi, Landlord, 23.8.15
Agent : Helen Han 91005345 CEA Reg No: R023153G
" Helen has been very helpful, trustworthy and reliable. Most importantly, she is very dear to all my family members." Ms Siti, Seller, 18/8/2015 

Agent : Joyce Ho 90056112 CEA Reg No: R023383A

“An excellent asset to any company she works with” Ms Tan, Seller, 26.8.15

Agent : Jimmy Teow 98212887 CEA Reg No: R023182J
“Dilligent and very responsible. ” Mr Foo, Landlord, 3.07.2015

Agent : Koh Lye Hock 98515444 CEA Reg No: R023054I

“Dependable. Goes the extra mile without reservation.”

Agent: Edmund Kong 97812410 CEA Reg No: R023239H

“Edmund makes good viewing appointment according to our needs.” Mr Cheng, Purchaser, 18.08.15

Agent : Daniel Ling  90096605 CEA Reg No: R023232J

“Daniel is a very hardworking and reliable guy, very professional in his job.” Mr Tan, Purchaser, 29.8.15

Agent : Egna Ling 94555202 CEA Reg No: R023518D
 “Excellent associate; we could not have wished for a better person to assist us with the purchase” Mr Saravanan & Ms Verawati, Purchaser
Agent : Emily Ho 91873212 CEA Reg No: R023244D
“Emily is very patient, not just professional.” Mr Seow & Ms Lee, Tenant, 22.6.15
Agent : Helen Han 91005345 CEA Reg No: R023153G
" Helen has been very helpful & prompt when attending to our queries and correspondences. She is an agent who is reliable & trustworthy. For the past 8 years that she has handled our unit, we have been very happy with the service and found that she has always gone the extra mile to serve us." Ms Hayati, Landlord, 28/8/2015
Agent : Jojo Tze 94241668 CEA Reg No: R023149I
“Jojo is an excellent agent and because of her service level, we have engaged her on an on-going basis.” Ms Lina, Landlord, 02.07.15
Agent : Serena Tan 90294070 CEA Reg No: R023311D
“Serena has been helping me for 8 years and with outstanding knowledge and support. Sometimes, especially for Japanese who are relatively more demanding but she is so responsible that I am recommending her to my friends. I met so many agents in Singapore but she is by far the best agent.” Mr Masaki, Tenant
Agent : Jenny Chen 91724778 CEA Reg No: R023201J
“Jenny is extremely helpful, diligent and trustworthy.” Mr Apurv, Landlord, 17.5.15
Agent : Serena Tan 90294070 CEA Reg No: R023311D
“Serena is a great associate. She puts herself in customer's and landlord's shoes. She is very responsible, always present for all site inspections and follows up on payment promptly.” Corporate Client, Landlord
Agent : Andy Sim 97436568 CEA Reg No: R029954I
“Andy is a very professional and responsible associate.” Mr Sng & Ms Sim, Landlord, 23.6.15
Agent : Benjamin Tan 90287070 CEA Reg No: R023320C
“Benjamin is very thorough and professional. He is knowledgeable and know what he is doing” Mr Tan & Ms Kwee, Seller, 13.4.15
Agent : Simon Tong 90261123 CEA Reg No: R023171E
“Keep up the good work!” Mr Zaiton, Landlord, 25.3.15
Agent : Egna Ling 94555202 CEA Reg No: R023518D
“We are very happy and comfortable with her services.” Mr Zhao, Landlord, 4.3.15
Agent : Willy Tan 90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I
“Willy is very well versed in his work. He has been a great help in providing me with new investment views. Keep up the good work!” Mr Eka, Ms Loh & Mr Tan.
Agent : Jeffrey Loh 90223233 CEA Reg No: R023093Z
“Jeffrey has the knowledge for what we need. The best agent I ever had since he handled my unit.” Mr Aziz, Landlord. 
Agent : Chng Guan Aik 
CEA Reg No:
“Mr Chng is very helpful and thoughtful. He went to the extent of buying floor detergent and taught the maid to wash the bathroom toilets (despite his fractured ankle).” Mr Lee, Landlord, 18.01.16
Agent : Benjamin Tan 90287070 CEA Reg No: R023320C
“Ben is the BEST! He is the most reliable agent that we have trusted all these years.” Mr Tang & Ms Lim, Landlord, 6.3.15
Agent : Irene Low 98180063 CEA Reg No: R023050F
“I am extremely pleased with Irene's service. She is very responsible and works hard to find tenants for me.” Mr Lim & Ms Tan, Landlord
Agent : Stella Tan 92238899 CEA Reg No: R023325D
“Stella goes the extra mile to serve us.” Mr Yew, Landlord
Agent : Han Hai Juan 90039700 CEA Reg No: R023372F
“Well Done! Keep it up!” Mr Ng, Landlord, 15.10.15
Agent : Irene Low 98180063 CEA Reg No: R023050F
“Irene is a dedicated agent who believes in having a client for long term rather than a one-off deal.” Mr Kwek, Landlord
Agent : Willy Tan 
90221131 CEA Reg No: 
“Willy is knowledgeable and helpful! We are happy with his service!" Mr Tan, Landlord, 21.06.16
Agent : Lisa Lim 98319060 CEA Reg No: R023403Z
“Lisa is very customer-orientated. She will negotiate the best deal for her clients.” Mr Wang, Landlord,25.09.15
Agent : Lily Hoong 98313896 CEA Reg No: R023180D
“I am greatly satisfied with the service rendered. Lily made great efforts in selling my flat. She is very attentive to my needs and assisted me well to the extent of assisting me to move my stuff and decorated my house. ” Ms Leong, Seller, 21.10.15

Agent: Jimmy Teow 98212887 CEA Reg No: R023182J

“Jimmy is very helpful. He keeps good communication and responds in a timely manner. Meanwhile, he proactively sends reminder about things to do to follow procedures and regulations. My wife and I are satisfied with his professional assistance.” Mr & Mrs Li, Tenant, 2.5.2016

Agent : Willy Tan 
CEA Reg No: 
“Keep up the good service level and professional attitude, Truly appreciate Willy's dedication and commitment in everything he does. Thank you, Willy!" Kendra, Landlord, 25.04.16
Agent : Jojo Tze 94241668 CEA Reg No: R023149I
“Jojo is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and helpful, friendly personality made our search for apartment easier than we expected. She helped us really well through  the process from start to finish. Highly recommend Jojo.” Mr Beckett, Tenant, 02.06.16
Agent : Pauline Heam 93891308 CEA Reg No: R023554J
“We have had the pleasure of using Ms Pauline as an agent for many years and have been very happy with the service she provided all the time.” Mr Po'ad, Landlord, 15.06.16
Agent : Raymond Ang 
CEA Reg No: 
“Always ready to help. Thank you, Raymond! Very Professional!” Mario, Tenant, 04.01.16

Agent : Sally Quek 
CEA Reg No:
“She is a valuable asset to your company." Ms Adeline, Landlord, 06.06.16

Agent : Simon Tong 90261123 CEA Reg No: 
“I will be glad to recommend your company to anybody who is interested in buying or selling their house." Mr Zaiton, Landlord, 28.01.16
Agent : Andy Sim 
97436568 C
EA Reg No: 
“Andy is a very responsible agent and has leaned forward many times to ensure that the deal can go through." Poon  & Tok, Landlord 21.03.16
Agent : Betty Liu 
 CEA Reg No: 
“Betty is a very helpful and efficient property agent. With her excellent service, we are very happy with every tenant she introduced. Every handover is fine and fast, giving us peace of mind for many years. Thank you." Wong & Andrew, Landlord.

Agent: Evelyn Tay Hua Inn 96363340 CEA Reg No: R023532Z

“We are so grateful we had Evelyn to help us. You are so fortunate to have her in your ranks! She is the best!” Mr. Ricardo, Tenant, 21.11.17

Agent : Linda Ong 
98517634 C
EA Reg No: 
“She is always courteous, cheerful and reliable. She is very efficient in her work and has good work ethics." Mr Syed, Landlord, 10.4.16
Agent : Connie Ng 
EA Reg No: 
“Second property through her, we like her honesty. We will seek her advice for any future property." Daniel,Reena, Seller, 28.6.16
Agent : Joseph Lee
96176688 CEA Reg No: R023167G
"I have always found him excellent on all counts." Raza
Agent : Irene Low 
EA Reg No: 
“Very experienced and very friendly salesperson. Would recommend to my friends and relatives definitely." Lim and Li, Seller, 17.08.16
Agent : Joseph Lee
96176688 CEA Reg No: R023167G
"At all times, Joseph was extremely courteous and friendly. We are also grateful to Joseph for being so diligent in his communication and so responsive when we needed his help. Being new to Singapore, we were very lucky to have Joseph’s knowledge and advice. We wish him well!"Rachael&Hara,
Agent : Koh Lye Hock 
CEA Reg No: 
“Very reliable and went to the extra mile to handle potential clients even when we were overseas. Kept us informed and updated." Mrs Tan, Seller, 11.09.16
Agent : Lee Han Sing 
81128002 CEA Reg No: 
“He is a very responsible agent and do thing fast. Sold our house in one month." Wang & Tang, Seller, 5.16
Agent : Benjamin Tan 
90287070 CEA Reg No: 
“Benjamin has holistic knowledge and years of experience in the field. This is the second house he is helping my family to sell., We trust his expertise and respect it. Sarah, Seller, 22.08.16
Agent : Joseph Lee
96176688 CEA Reg No: R023167G
"We are pleased to have Mr. Joseph to work on our tenancy. Joseph's response to our call for assistance to the unit is always immediate and positive. He never loses his cool no matter how complicated and annoying the problem is. He will persevere and work out until a solution that is mutually acceptable to all parties concerned is found. Such dedication and reliability is highly valued especially when we are residing overseas and require his help whenever any problem concerning the tenancy arises. Hence, there is no doubt that we will continue to seek his services." Yeo&Leong
, owners,17.9.16
Agent : Maggie Png 
93860988 CEA Reg No: 
"I felt very supported throughout the process and would recommend Maggie to colleagues and friends." Ms Helen
, tenant,24.9.16
Agent : Lisa Lim 
98319060 CEA Reg No:
"Ms Lisa Lim is a hardworking professional who has good knowledge about the market situation and advise accordingly. She is a kind and helpful person who go out of her way to assist her client and explain clearly if they have any doubt. I and my wife are very pleased with her service. She is an asset to your company. "
Mr Ray, purchaser,5.9.16
Agent : Jenny Chen 91724778 CEA Reg No: 

"Offered professional advise for the sale and went extra mile in assisting the seller settle other issue beyond the sale."
Mr Wong, seller.
Agent : Cindy Kan 
93820192 CEA Reg No: R023194D
"Very happy with her service. Very responsive in her actions. Very responsible salesperson. She managed to negotiate for the rent that I wanted."
Mr. Lu, landlord,21.11.16

Agent : Koh Lye Hock 98515444 CEA Reg No: R023054I
"Mr. Koh is very fantastic and professional. He is someone whom I could rely on for advice and transactions. Most importantly, he has the landlord in mind and at the same time objective and knowledgeable." Ms. Mah, landlord, 04.11.16


Agent : Lily Hoong 98313896 CEA Reg No: R023180D
“Lily and Ivy provide beyond their services. Both are professional." Lye, purchaser, 08.11.16

Agent : Jimmy Teow  
98212887 CEA Reg No: R023182J
"Through his hardwork and negotiation skills, Jimmy helped to assign my office within 3 weeks. This is very commendable. I will readily recommend him to my friends & relatives."
Mr. Chen, Assignor, 6.12.16
Agent : Edmund Lee 
90063113 CEA Reg No: 

"Very good agent who is now a friend. Conducted multiple transactions through/ with him. Highly recommended."
Mr. Lim and Ms. Pang, seller, 23.10.16
Agent : Michael Tan 
91012113 CEA Reg No: 
"We have been engaging him to sell our units for many years, almost ten years for now"
Ms. Foo and Ms. Foo, seller, 20.11.16
Agent : Willy Tan 
90221131 CEA Reg No: R023507I
"Willy is a responsible and helpful agent."
Ms Wee & Mr Tan, Landlord, 23.12.16
Agent : Joyce Ho 
90056112 CEA Reg No: R023383A
"Cannot speak highly enough of Joyce's helpfulness & excellent service. She is a treasure for your company." Peter, Tenant

Agent: Nancy Seah 96877745 CEA Reg No: R023637G

“Nancy is a responsible associate. She provided advice in my interest as a landlord.” Ms Phua, Landlord, 2017

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